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About Us

Peters Distributing is your one stop source for Cellular Phone Accessories and Floor Care Products. With more than 40 years of proven quality customer service, you are our number one priority. Our philosophy is if we help you get ahead, we will both succeed! We are a small family owned business committed to making sure that we provide high quality products to our dealers. We focus on keeping dealer costs low while keeping product quality high. This allows for very good margins for you, while still keeping the prices low for your customers. Everybody wins!

It is always a pleasure to work with our loyal customers and we look forward to bringing our products and services to others.

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Guaranteed Sale Terms:

Rev 5/22

  • Store Owner/Manager agrees to an initialized traction development period of 180 days.
  • Display return and any subsequent refund applies to period of 180 days after display/set placement, invoice date.
  • Redemption of guaranteed sale policy must be requested in writing to Peters Distributing Inc/ Vacuum Center Network.
  • Refund will be awarded on RE-SELLABLE product only.
    Re-sellable is like new, current SKU, clean, with no price tags or markings other than those applied initially by Peters Distributing, Inc./Vacuum Center Network.
  • Allowed returns must be shipped back or delivered to Peters Distributing Inc by dealer/store.

Product Return Policy:

  • Any goods return request must be made in writing to Peters Distributing, Inc/Vacuum Center Network, 25769 Cottonwood Ave, Sioux Falls, SD  57107.
  • All returns must be current SKU, purchased in the last 12 months, like new, clean, with no in-store price tags or markings other than those applied initially by Peters Distributing, Inc/Vacuum Center Network.
  • Credit for qualifying returnable goods is 50% of dealer cost.
  • On Floor Care returns credit will be in the form of CellularCenter accessory products at retail value with a free steel rack and marketing kit.
  • Will be under the agreement of having the product line in the store for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Allowed returns must be shipped back (freight paid) or delivered to Peters Distributing, Inc by dealer/store.
  • Any and all returns are at the discretion of Peters Distributing, Inc.


  • Any refund will be in form of credit memo on account only.