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Become A VacuumCenter Dealer

For over 17 years, VacuumCenter has helped 900 dealers throughout the midwest break into the vacuum and specialty cleaning supplies market.

Power of the Program

  • Comprehensively, The VacuumCenter program produces unmatched, volume, profit  and customer loyalty.
  • Decades of industry knowledge assures that our program carries the SKU’s that produce maximum results.
  • Knowing and maintaining the appropriate items means long term success.

Track Record

  • Nearly 1000 successful outlets form the core of our track record.
  • Most of our network outlets have had our program in house for over 10 years.
  • Less than 1% attrition rate has been due only to store closures.


  • Exclusive & brand name products bring the customers to your stores instead of the supercenters.
  • Seven of every ten households require at least one of the items from our program’s display.
  • Stores & salesmen sell vacuums that constantly expand an existing customer base that needs the items in our program.
  • Our program creates another customer service for your location and becomes a destination for the customer.


  • Unmatched dealer support is our trademark
  • Same day shipping on most orders
  • Order calls are handled by real, live, human beings.
  • 24 hour ordering  available via voicemail, fax, email, or website.
  • Knowledgeable tech support staff is always available for application and other questions.


Interested in becoming a VacuumCenter Dealer? Contact Us.

The supercenters have recently set in all generic vacuum bags & belts.
Just like laundry detergent, over 85% of the market is brand name.
Because of our brand name & exclusive items, our VacuumCenter displays have become a destination.
Existing customer base has been created because salesmen and stores are constantly selling more new vacuums that require the supplies from our display.
Seven out of every ten local households have a vacuum that requires at least one of the supplies from our display.
Exclusive and brand name products bring the customers to your store instead of the supercenter. Our display is a destination.
Guaranteed sale- If after 90 days, it is not selling, we will buy back the remaining stock and you keep the profit from what has sold.
37% average gross profit margin.
Proven track record – 17 years / 900 successful outlets.
One more customer service in your facility and one less stop for the customer.